Dr. Lisa's Bio

Dr. Lisa H. Fuller is the CEO & CMO for Discern Life Consultants Health. Apostle, Dr. Lisa H. Fuller is the Founder & Overseer for Lisa H. Fuller Ministries and Senior Pastor for Christ’s Arms Reaching Everywhere Ministries. 

Dr. Lisa H. Fuller has provided mental health training and led mission teams on the continents of Africa, Asis, Europe, and North/ Central America with focus on crisis and trauma, leadership development, and spirituality. Dr. Fuller has been recognized for Outstanding Leadership in Global Missions, by Second Ebenezer Church/ Bishop Edgar L. Vann, Distinguished Servanthood by the Liberian Evangelical Baptist Convention (LEBCO), Ganta, Liberia, and Master Teacher and Humanitarian by the Rapid Response Chaplain Corps. 

For more than 30-years, Dr. Lisa H. Fuller has practiced psychiatry in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia. Present and past academic appointments include Wayne State University School of Medicine/ Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences (Assistance Professor), training psychiatric residents, and numerous teaching and keynote speaking assignments including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bulgaria Ecumenical Theological Seminary, and the Liberian Evangelical Baptist Convention. Dr. Fuller has been featured in Speakers Magazine, The US Times, and New York Business Now. 

Dr. Lisa H. Fuller is the host of radio broadcast “A Word of Encouragement” (Detroit 1440 AM & 1320 AM Cincinnati). 

Dr. Lisa H. Fuller’s books, podcast, and broadcasts are encouraging, inspirational, and empowering based on biblical principles. You can purchase Dr. Fuller’s books on Amazon and where books are sold.                         

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Featured Areas of Discussion & Interest 

*Psychiatric Disparities & African Americans

*Psychiatry & The Church

*Psychiatric Trauma & Crisis


Featured In

  *Speakers Magazine 

*The US Times 

*New York Business Now 

*Real Leadership: Life, Love, & Leadership 

*The Middle Ground with JLE



Governmental/ Academic/ Hospital/ Non-Profit Presentation & Clinical Practice 

*US Army Corps of Engineers

*Wayne State University School of Medicine/ Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences: Emergency Psychiatry

*Nairobi Women’s Hospital/ Gender Violence Unit

*Michigan School of Psychology

*Parenting Initiatives & Resources, Inc 


Chaplain Corps/ Church/ Seminary Training

*Rapid Respond Chaplain Corps

*International Chaplain Training

*Global Projects Hope, Help, & Healing 

*The Redeemed Christian Church of God

*Liberian Evangelical Baptist Convention (Ganta, Liberia)

*Bulgaria Ecumenical Theological Seminary (Sophia, Bulgaria)

*DayStar University/ Psychology Department (Nairobi, Kenya) 

*Destiny School of Ministry